Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do You Need Social Media Marketing Manager?

Does your business need a new and more effective way to communicate with clients? Are you a new business searching for a fast way to gain new client? Thinking about expanding into a new target age group? Need a cost effective way to manage various social media platforms? Going global? These are just a few of the most common reasons business owners are hiring social media management firms…but they aren’t the only reasons! Keep reading to find out if your business would benefit from a social media manager and tips on how to get up to speed fast.

What is Social Media Manager 
The first step in deciding whether or not your business will benefit from a social media management firm is to understand the basic duties and job description. Of course, this is easier said than done. Consider this – social media is only about 7 years old and originally started as a way to stay in touch with family or friends. It wasn’t a business concept nor considered anything other than a fun way to communicate across long distances until a few years ago. Beginning only three to four years ago a few forward thinking entrepreneurs (our CEO included) recognized the immense marketing potential of this new medium and got in on the foundation of what would eventually become one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. But from these very humble beginnings has emerged an entirely new job description which didn’t even exist just a few short years ago. Today, large social media firms are hiring dozens and even hundreds of social media consultants, technicians and other support staff each and every years. But what does a social media manager actually do?  

Diverse Roles  
Social media management is a volatile industry so the job description can literally change overnight. However, there are a few basics that are fairly well established. For example, the ability to analyze trends is important. The ability to build relationships is critical! But the real talent of a social media manager is the ability to handle those tasks which do not yet exist. Think about it. A decade ago, there was no such thing as social media marketing yet today, it is one of the most rapidly expanding modes of marketing available. In the same way, a decade from today, experts predict that most business owners will be required to spend a significant amount of time expanding product lines, interacting with clients, advertising and otherwise dealing with social media related tasks. Given the exponential growth trajectory of the field, it is nearly impossible to keep up with constant changes AND run a business. A social media manager is able to bridge that gap while dedicating all their time and attention to the social media needs of your business. In short, a social media manager is able to accomplish many goals for a company including:
a) The ability to expand your customer base and enhance demand for identified products and services. Lead generation is big business.
b) The ability to forecast response rates, longevity and reception of new products and services for a given market.
c) The ability to tap into upcoming trends and markets.
d) The ability to analyze various statistics, growth patterns, technical issues and trouble-shoot.
e) Improve business profile and assist in reputation management. Enhanced visibility both online and offline! f) The ability to select the right platform, message and method of delivery.
g) The ability to integrate diverse social media solutions into a cohesive strategy.
h) The ability to target the audience and increase client loyalty with proper communication.
i) The ability to understand the technical diversity of dozens of different platforms including optimized placement periods, audience demographics and other variations.
j) The ability to represent the brand and services in a timely and professional manner.  

Who Benefits? 
Which companies benefit the most from the addition of a social media manager? Earlier in the article we listed quite a few; new business owners seeking to build a solid client base, anyone interested in going global, new product launch or expansion into new target demographic areas and of course…anyone that isn’t technologically savvy. But what about mature business entities that aren’t expanding and have no plans to launch anything new…can they still benefit from the inclusion of a social media manager? Absolutely. In fact, offline companies are often able to realize highly significant gains not only through the acquisition of new clients but also the ability to reduce cost via expanded client support. The ability to hire or outsource services may yield significant returns in labor costs, tax deductions and the expanded opportunities made possible via automation.  

A-List vs B-List
Not all social media management firms are created equal; just like in Hollywood, there are “A List” and “B List” providers. While the B-list social media firm might initially sound like a good idea, in the long run it often ends up costing more time and effort. It only makes sense; B-list providers may be fine for those just getting started with social media but they are limited in their ability to expand over time. If your business thrives…they are unable to grow with it. On the other hand, an A-list provider may actually save time and money because they are able to specialize while taking advantage of economies of scale. More clients means more specialization. Greater specialization means better results and less billed time. As a nationwide social media management firm, we are able to provide consistent service across the nation or across the globe while providing as much – or as little – assistance required. Article Source:


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